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The Joy of being Broke 
The book for people who would be rich if they just had more money.  $5.95 + $2.00 Shipping*
In the spirit of trying to stay competitive in good-old competitive free-market America, and trying to survive in these tough times; Apricot Press went ahead and published this book---but they printed it with 25% fewer words.

Hopefully the economy will turn around soon and they can afford to go back to printing as many words in their books as before.
However, regardless what the future brings, with Apricot Press books, the quality will always be there; you can count on that.

Q.  I am in jail. When I get out do I still get to be broke?

A.  More than anything, being broke is an attitude. Can you whine? Can you blame others for your failures? Can you feel sorry for yourself? If you can, and jail is a great place to learn these skills, you've got a bright future.

Q.  I've got along pretty well financially for my entire life until recently when I've become quite poor. I'm having a hard time adjusting. Can you make any recommendations?

A. A wise guy once told me, "Dude! With all the talent and smarts you possess, and with this bunch in charge, you should probably lower your expectations." I've found this to be good advice.

Our popular Ben Goode Humor Kit contains six of his most popular humor books.
5 1/4" x 8 1/4", 93 pages, paperback.

   The Joy of Being Broke. The book for people who would be rich if they just had More Money. Humor book by Ben Goode.


ISBN 978-1885027412

Written by Ben Goode.

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