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     Our Camping and Travel Books

When I was much younger, camping meant giving up things like television, microwave ovens, and movies.

We "roughed it", in the great outdoors, by sitting around campfires talking, taking long walks in the woods and we forgot about the everyday world.
Hunting and Camping Books Unless you choose to bring your hectic lifestyle along with you; camping still provides the chance to relax and get away from the office, neighbors and traffic!

Our camping and travel books are great gifts for those special people in your life, or for yourself.

                     A Liar's Guide to Fishing                           Campfire Cooking cookbook. You'll be the most popular camper in the wilderness after preparing these delicious and easy-to-prepare meals and snacks designed just for the campsite.                     Family Fun Nights activity book. Spending time with family should be full of excitement - it's a time to bond, learn about each other, laugh, joke around and do something fun! Face it, you know it's time to turn off the TV and get your family going. What better way to start than by designating one night per week or month to be Family Fun Night.                                                                      A Liar's Guide to Fishing               Campfire Cooking                    Family Fun Nights                   S'More Campfire Fun!                        


           Fix It In FOIL - Tasty Recipes! Easy Clean-Ups!               Games for the Car. Activity Book when You Are Traveling with Children. Are we there yet? This is one question that won't be heard with Games for the Car.  This book not only keeps children entertained, but encourages creativity, sharpens thinking skills and is just plain fun for everyone.  8 1/2" x 5 1/2", 128 pages.                     I Was a Bear for a Day personalized children's book. Two Bears Look at the Trash left by campers. In this story your child transforms into a little bear, and witnesses the damage that careless humans can do to animal's homes.                     My Camping Adventure personalized book. Your child goes canoeing on a river in the Great Outdoors, and learns about the legend of the mountain's treasure as it is passed down from the old Hermit bear to your child. They embark on an ecological family adventure in the great outdoors.
               Fix It In FOIL                           Games for the Car                                   I Was a Bear for a Day          My Camping Adventure             


                         My Fishing Adventure personalized book- Adult and Children's Versions. Dream about being transformed into Bobber Bear along with your older friend and fishing partner. Make preparations to enter a local fishing rodeo and try to land the biggest fish.                                     Picnics, Potlucks & BBQs Cookbook. This cookbook features more than 100 recipes for tasty finger foods, fresh salads, scrumptious side dishes, pleasing casseroles, flavorful grilled meats and delectable desserts. Your menu contribution is guaranteed to be more than just a feast for the eyes. Even the ants will be begging for more!                                       Tailgating Madness - The Cook-Off Before the Kick-Off.  With Tailgating Madness, The Cook-Off Before the Kick-Off, you'll score big points as you delight your friends and family with delicious munchies, tried-and-true grilling favorites and creative game ideas. Let this book help you tackle your next tailgating party with ease! Appetizers, Sides and Salads, Grilled Foods, Cocktails, Fun Activities and Much More!                          
               My Fishing Adventure                  Picnics, Potlucks and BBQs          Tailgaiting Madness



                                                                     The Ultimate RV Cookbook - Recipes for the Traveling Chef. The Ultimate RV Cookbook adds the finishing touch by making RV cuisine appetizing, healthy and convenient. Each chapter provides a short grocery list. From this list you can prepare and serve 3 days worth of meals. Whether you are new to the road or a seasoned veteran, you'll discover that this book is the ultimate road trip companion! 5 1/4" x 8 1/4", 128 pages, soft cover,  plastic coil binding                                         What Camping Can Teach Us. Life's Lessons Learned from the Great Outdoors. Kids love camping, and in this delightful children's book, vivid, full-color photographs evoke the sights and sounds of enjoying days and nights outdoors. Paired with these images are quotes on cozy tents, happy campfires, funny animals, tummy-filling food, hanging out with family, and appreciating the natural world.    
                                       The Ultimate RV Cookbook               What Camping Can Teach Us

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