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Where else can you get a gift for a friend or loved one for under $11.00, gift-wrapped, and delivered? Our prices include free shipping for all of these products.

                In Stock, for same day shipment or same day Electronic Delivery.

                                                      Our Thanksgiving Favorites

                                    103 Uses for Your Turkey Fryer. The clever and useful suggestions within this book will keep your fryer heated up for the other 364 days of the year; leaving you wondering why you didn't think of this before!                                                  The All American Cookbook - This collection of foods and thoughts conveys the essence of America. We sincerely hope you enjoy the feast. Dig in!                                                   12 Hour Slow Cooker recipes. Shed new light on your slow cooker with this collection of practical, simple and delicious recipes that all have a cook time of 10-12 hours!
                    103 Uses for Your Turkey Fryer $12.50              The All American Cookbook $10.95                  12-Hour Slow Cooker Recipes $12.50

Ben Goode has done it again with his latest book: The Joy of Being Broke.

The perfect gift to lift the spirits of anyone who is suffering because of our current economy.

Add a few Trillion dollars to your gift and they will feel rich again (at least for a few seconds).

$7.95 for book with Free Shipping.

$7.00 for a set of 10 Zillion Dollar Bills with Free Shipping.


      The Joy of Being Broke
          The Joy of Being Broke
                 by Ben Goode
Zillion Dollar Bills
Crazy for Cats None Dollar Bill.  This bill honors cat lovers everywhere. It's better than a bowl of catnip.    
                                                                 Novelty Bills

Our "Funny Money" Bills are sold as novelty items for your personal enjoyment or as fun gifts.

  Inexpensive Electronic Gifts - Sent via Email - No Waiting for a Package!
            The Birthday Chronicle Personalized Just for You tells what was happening when you were born.  Your Birthday Chronicle captures your special moment in history. Find out what happened the day you were born.         The Amazing Story of Your Birthday - Amazing Astrology - A great birthday astrology present.        The Pharaoh's Scribe - Your name in Ancient Hieroglyphics.
    The Birthday Chronicle     Amazing Astrology  The Pharaoh's Scribe
      Our books make great gifts for special occasions or just for fun.
             Chocolate can be the perfect escape from the everyday world. With the help of this book, let chocolate transport you to a taste adventure of rich flavor.                                             Dinner and a Movie is the cookbook that combines the thrilling, romantic, adventurous and dramatic stories of Oscar winning movies; with a main dish recipe to complement the movie theme.                                A homemade gift is priceless, but it doesn't have to be expensive. Delight your loved ones with a beautiful candy bouquet - it's a delicious way to brighten anyone's day! In addition, candy bouquets make stunning centerpieces and add a sweet ending to any event.
 A Little Indulgence Chocolate                              Dinner and a Movie                            Candy Bouquets


          "Love" is the universal topic in this charming little book featuring a menagerie of full-color animal "couples" photos mated with humorous and insightful quotations on marriage, courtship, cooing and cuddling.                                          This book is by no means your standard self-help treatise, but reading it will enable those in the 60 neighborhood to re-evaluate where they are in their lives, and understand better what they should be doing next.                                 Grandma, Tell Me Your Memories journal.                                   What's more humorous than love? Whether good, bad, new, or old, love is always at the ready to be pondered and prodded by the wit of cartoonist Leigh Rubin.

       Just Sweethearts                               Loving Life After  Sixty         Grandma, Tell me Your Memories         The Wild Life of Love                                                                                      
             Gifts For Any Occasion
                  Pug Mugs                               Choose from our growing collection of personalized music CDs.                      Grandpa Tell me Your Memories                                    Bad Kitties. A Humorous Look At Cats.
                      Pug Mugs                                     Music CDs                 Grandpa, Tell me Your memories                       Bad Kitties       


                                  The Ballerina Princess personalized book just for girls.                        103 uses for Your Turkey Fryer.                                College Cooking                     Just Sisters - You Mess With Her, You Mess With Me.  
                            Personalized Books   103 Uses For Your Turkey Fryer               College Cooking                    Just Sisters

                                                             What Daughter's teach Us                                             Gifts in a Jar. This series includes 10 unique titles to create easy, homemade gifts your family and friends will enjoy.                                              
                                                   What Daughters Teach Us                                  Gifts In A Jar         

                         Gifts Under $11.00
                        (Includes taxes, shipping and gift wrapping.)

                    How To Make People Think You're Normal                          Everyone is assigned a Guardian Angel at birth. Your birth date determines which Angel is given the duty to protect you throughout your lifetime.                           Beer Cookbook. Beer Cookbook. 101 recipes that let you enjoy the delicious taste of beer with every meal.                                              How To Stay Humble When You're Smarter Than Everybody Else.
           How to Make People          My Guardian Angel                     Beer Cookbook                            How To Stay Humble
          Think You're Normal                                                                                                      When You're Smarter
                                                                                                                                                     than Everybody Else

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