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Melissa and Doug BEEPOSH
Omaha's Melissa and Doug Toy Store -
5222 S 136th St, Omaha, NE, Omaha NE 68127 - 402-592-9199 or 877-402-7167

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Visit our store and feel how soft and comfortable Beeposh clothing is to wear. Imagine relaxing in front of your fireplace, on your coach or on the floor reading or watching your favorite movie or TV show. Winter is coming, why not make the best of it and be comfortable?

Exciting for the eyes and soothing to the touch, Beeposh style essentials are cool. comfy and collectable. With a wide range of whimsical critters, pillows, bags and more; there is no limit to how cozy and colorful your world can Bee! Lunch bag and backpack are made from durable nylon; all other items are made of ultra-soft fleece.

The Beeposh line consists of stuffed animals, lounge pants, blankets, boot slippers, backpacks, lunch bags, totes and dolls. We have three designs at this time: Hope, Razzle and Rainbow.

Beeposh Hope Boot Slippers
Beeposh Razzle Boot Slippers
Beeposh Rainbow Boot Slippers

Video about Beeposh Boots

Justin Bieber's Drummer Loves Beeposh!


Beeposh Zelda Zebra

MD-7150     $24.99    Age 2+

Zelda Zebra has an endearing smile on her yellow snout and a bold, flowery print all over her striped body. Floppy ears, a fringed mane and super-soft fleece body filled with cuddly stuffing.


Beeposh Razzle Raccoon by Melissa and Doug

MD-7245     $19.99   Age 3+

Razzle Raccoon is covered with colorful hearts, flowers and smiley faces. Made of soft, squishy fill and ultra-soft fleece he is the perfect companion for your little ones.


Beeposh Elvis Lion

MD-7152    $24.99   Age 3+

Elvis Lion is dapper in his soft pastel stripes. Captivating smile and unruly multicolored mane. Ultra soft fleece and machine washable. 


Beeposh Mack Monkey

MD-7153   $19.99   Age 3+

Mack Monkey sports rainbow stripes and a smile that will met the coldest heart.


Beeposh Becky Pig

MD-7154   $19.99   Age 3+

Becky Pig has an overall candy print. Her yummy personality will make you squeal with delight. Made of ultra-soft fleece from her pink snout to her curly tail.

  Beeposh Sally Elephant

MD-7157   $24.99   Age 3+

Sally Elephant has rainbow-striped ears in cuddly micro fleece. With a super soft, squeezable body and a winning smile. Who can resist her?

Wally Birthday Dinosaur by Beeposh

MD-7162    $19.99   Age 2+

Wally is a your birthday dinosaur. He loves to snuggle and doesn't bite. With his ultra-soft fleece covering and squishy feel; he is just the companion to cuddle with on a cold winter night.

Katie the Hippo by Beeposh

MD-7163    $19.99   Age 2+

Katie the Hippo is pleasingly plump with flowery decorations. She loved to cuddle and is sized just right for cuddling or as a pillow.

Hope Bear by Beeposh

MD-7200    $19.99   Age 3+

Our Hope Bear wears her heart on her sleeve along with brightly colored peace symbols. Super soft fleece fabric with a classic teddy bear shape. (Girl not included with bear.)

Hope Beeposh Lounge Pants by Melissa and Doug
MD-7201   $19.99   Age 4+

You'll look "cool" in your comfy and stylish Hope Lounge Pants with its Peace and Love print in rainbow colors. (Sorry, stuffed animal not included; must be purchased separately.). (Girl not included with pants.)

Hope Beeposh Blanket by Melissa and Doug

MD-7205    $19.99   Age 3+

Cover yourself in this ultra-soft Hope fleece blanket. Just the right size for naps, sleepovers or staying warm while watching TV, reading a book or playing with your phone or computer. (Girl not included with blanket.)

58" Long x 48" Wide

Hope Beeposh Bolster Pillow by Melissa and Doug

MD-7206   $14.99   Age 3+

Travel in style with your Hope Bolster Blanket. Acts like a mini-pillow and is covered with hearts and peace signs.

13" Diameter x 7" High

Hope Beeposh Boot Slippers by Melissa and Doug

MD-7207   $29.99    Age 3+

Hope Boot Slippers are lined with lambswool. They will brighten your day with their cheerful pattern of hearts and peace signs. (Recommended for indoor use.)

Hope Beeposh Backpack by Melissa and Doug

MD-7210    $19.99   Age 3+

Our Beeposh backpacks are lightweight, adjustable and very sturdy. Has a large interior, side flaps, 2 zippered front pockets and elasticized exterior side pockets.

18" x 11.5" x 6"

Hope Beeposh Soft Lunch Bag by Melissa and Doug

MD-7211   $9.99   Age 3+

Our Beeposh soft lunch bags have insulated sides, washable nylon and a colorful zipper enclusure. Zipper and handle are bubble-gum pink. Like other Hope Beeposh items this one has a rainbow of hearts and peace signs.

14" x 9.5" x 4"

Beeposh Hope tote bag by Melissa and Doug

MD-7212   $16.99   Age 3+

Our Hope tote bag is just perfect for a change of clothes. Lets kids travel in style. Made of lined fleece. Padded straps and machine washable.

26" x 9.5" x 9.25"

Beeposh Rainbow Giraffe by Melissa and Doug

MD-7215   $24.99   Age 3+

You'll love your new Rainbow Giraffe. Super-soft micro fleece. Compatible with our Rainbow Beeposh line. And, she has a cute smile.

17" x 12" x 9"

The History of Beeposh

The story of Beeposh begins in 2004. Alfred Greenblatt owned a textile company, AGX Corp. This company provided printed fabrics to the apparel industry. The designs and colors were created in the AGX design studios in New York and Los Angeles. In 2004, it was decided to expand the core talents of the AGX team by creating a lifestyle brand of plush toys, apparel, and accessories targeted to the tween market.

The name Beeposh was decided upon and our first line of products were introduced at the Atlanta Gift Show in 2005. We learned that our concept of bright rich design and colors were unique to this market. We quickly became a line and brand that both kids, mothers, and even our competitors wanted. The years of 2006 and 2007 were spent learning the market, suppliers, and what products that was most in demand. The big break came in 2007, when FAO Schwarz discovered Beeposh in August of that year.

The president of the store asked if we could be ready for the Christmas season. Of course we said yes and quickly scurried to build fixtures, and inventory to be ready. By the time Christmas season was done, Beeposh was in the top five vendors on dollars per square foot basis of all vendors in their entire store. This news spread throughout the industry and resulted in other retail stores seeking out Beeposh product. Additionally, we began to receive inquiries from around the world for our product.

Beeposh continued to grow despite the poor economy. We entered licensing arrangements with Major League Baseball, The National Hockey League, and the NBA. We have appeared in many editorials, have won awards for our product innovations, and were widely worn with many tween entertainment stars; Including Miley Cyrus doing an unsolicited You Tube video talking solely about her Beeposh pajamas.

In 2011 Beeposh went into a partnership with Melissa and Doug, a very large and important Toy company. Beeposh still provides the design and final product approvals. Melissa and Doug provide the marketing, manufacturing, and all other aspects of the distribution and manufacturing processes. This partnership is what we believe will capitalize on our strength, which is design and market understanding,

The first products that were shipped under the new arrangement commenced in June of 2012. The beginning of the next chapter is upon us!

Thanks to Alfred Greenblatt of Beeposh for providing this history.

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