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Our Personalized NameTrains

NameTrains™ Wooden Railway System.  Educational try train for your special child.
Name trains are a Fun and Educational Way for your Child to Learn His or Her First Name or Nickname!

What better way for a child to learn his (or her) name, than by playing with a personalized wooden name train that spells his (or her) name! Name trains are great gifts. Bright color Name trains
are available in six colors; red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Engines are black; cabooses are red.

  Picture of a NameTrain for a child named CHRIS.  Nametrains™ are  wooden trains that will help your child learn his or her name.                 Four-Tone Train Whistle

Order Your Name Trains with or without gift wrap. (Free Engine & Caboose included with each Name Train.)

Order Without Gift Wrap: Order Gift Wrapped:
Select Size of Train
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Child's Name:
We recommend "Vintage Train" gift wrap.

Our Name Train Accessories:

Our price includes shipping by First Class or Priority Mail.  In stock for immediate shipment.

It is estimated that 25-30% of children today have names with unconventional spellings. Personalized items are often difficult to find in a retail setting for these kids. NameTrains are a great gift because they can be used to spell any child's name.

Our award winning natural wood NameTrains
are handmade in Vermont; made of durable, rock solid maple; and are also available in natural shade or pastel colors.  NameTrains have been recognized again and again for their outstanding quality and timeless appeal.

NameTrains are compatible with NameTrains Accessories, NameTrains Play Sets and most standard wooden trains and tracks including Thomas and Brio. Makes a great wooden children's toy train gift for all occasions.

NameTrain Accessories

NameTrain Engines are Black,  cabooses are red

      Six basic letter colors:

      red, orange, yellow,

      green, blue, and


NameTrain Car Letter "A"   

             Letter "A" Car



                   Three letter NameTrain with engine and caboose.  All Nametrains™ include engine and caboose and are made of Rock maple wood. 


                   Alphabet NameTrains™ include all letters of the alphabet with an engine and caboose.   

Wooden name train toys make hours of safe train fun for your child.

NameTrainsTM are compatible with most standard wooden trains and tracks including Thomas the Train. Makes a great gift for any child for any occasions.

These beautifully made NameTrainsTM are handmade in Vermont. They utilize rock solid maple that will withstand loving play and use.

NameTrainsTM are a fun way for your special boy or girl to learn how to spell his or her name..

                     Natural Train

With or Without Gift Wrap
Select Gift Wrap:

                  6 letter, natural, NameTrain.

                      Pastel Train Sets: 



Add a Four-tone Train Whistle

               Four-Tone Train Whistle
Order Four-tone Train Whistle       


NameTrains are made in America.


Letters are about 2-1/2" high, other cars about 2" high.

Cars connect to our Wooden trains with simple and safe magnets. Rock maple, non-toxic finish.

NameTrains are recommended for ages 3 and up.  A practical, fun, educational toy wooden train which will be played with for hours at a time. Free shipping via USPS First Class or Priority Mail.

Each NameTrain includes an engine and caboose.

Order Individual Name Train Letters:

Please call if you wish to order individual NameTrain Letter Cars.  $5.00 each (Includes shipping).


Circle Track Set

Set contains 8 curved sections to make a 17" circle. Curves are made of hard maple and grooved on both sides with stripe detailing.

$20.00 * + $5.00 for shipping


  NameTrains track system - circle

Select Option:
Select Gift Wrap:
Order 8 Piece Circle Track Set  $25.00




Oval Track Set

Set contains 8 curved sections and 4 8-inch straight sections to form 17" x 33" oval.

$28.00* + $5.00 for shipping


  NameTrains track system - oval
Select Option:
Select Gift Wrap:
Order 12 Piece Oval Track Set  $33.00


Figure-8 Track Set

Set contains 12 curved sections, 4 6-inch straight sections and 1 crossover to form a 17" x 39" Figure-8 track.

$40.00* + $7.95 for shipping


  NameTrains track system - figure-8

Select Option:
Select Gift Wrap:
Order 17-Piece Figure-8 Track Set

Parents Choice Recommended Award for NameTrains™ products. 2003
Dr. Toy
Best Classic Toy Award

Dr. Toy
10 Best Socially-Responsible Products Award


*Train track sets require an additional charge because of their weight and bulk.  Train sets are in stock and shipped via Priority Mail (2-3 day average delivery time.)

Call us if you prefer to order or pay via telephone. Of if you need individual letters ($5.00 each with free shipping if you order at least three letters.)

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