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     My Birthday Wish Personalized Children's Book
What a wonderful way to celebrate your special day!  At your birthday party your friends ask you to make a wish.  You think about all the things you could be, but with all your possible wishes, you decide it's better being you than wishing to be somebody else.
Includes child's name, age, friends names and hometown.
For ages 3-8,  hard cover,  6 3/4 by 8 1/4, 36 pages. Makes a Great Birthday Gift.

Sample Picture and Page from My Birthday Wish

My Birthday Wish - $15.95 - Free Shipping

        Picture of patient having his temperature taken in My Birthday Wish personalized book.

"To be a veterinarian,
is the one that I should pick.
I could heal little kittens,
and great big dogs,
or anything else that was sick."     


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"My Birthday Wish"

was created especially for

James Tiberius Kirk at the age of 4. 

With love from Mommy and Daddy December 1, 2013.

Jim awoke on Jul 4 and shook the dreams from his head. "Today is my favorite day of the year. Today is my birthday!" he said.
His family came in and said with a grin, "We know what we should do. We should have a great big party, a party just for you."
So Jim made a list of all his friends, inviting them to come. They brought over gifts, and played lots of games, and everyone was having fun.
Then it was time for the birthday cake, and Bones, Spock and Uhura began to shout. "Hey Jim, make a wish, take a deep breath, and blow all the candles out."
So Jim closed his eyes and thought to himself, "Which wish is right for me? There are so many wishes from which to choose, I wish I could wish for three. But from all the things, that I've been told, that's not the way it's done. So I'll go through my favorite wishes, and try to pick just one."
"Maybe I'll wish to be an astronaut, who flies a rocket to Mars. I'll go in search of  unknown worlds, and sail among the stars."
"Or maybe I'll wish to have a pony, that lives on a Riverside, Iowa farm. He could run in the fields during the day, then at night he could sleep in the barn."
"But what if the wish that I did choose, was to be a movie star? My face could be seen, on the big picture screen, and James Kirk would be known near and far."

"Maybe I'll wish to be an explorer, who travels to lands untold. There I would find caves and mines, filled with silver and gold."
"To be a veterinarian, is the one that I should pick. I could heal little kittens, and great big dogs, or anything else that was sick."
Then suddenly, Bones, Spock and Uhura said, "How long are you going to take? Hurry up and make your wish, Jim, it's time to eat some cake." Jim took a deep breath, then blew really hard, and all of the candles went out. Then with big grins, all of his friends began to cheer and shout.
And as the cake was passed around, Bones, Spock and Uhura leaned over to ask, "What was the wish that you finally picked? We know it was a difficult task."
Everyone turned to look at Jim, He felt his cheeks turn red. He slowly cleared his throat, and then stood up and said... "Although it took a little time, it was easier than I had guessed. I know the final wish I wished was better than all the rest."
"I wished to be just where I am, right here with all of you, and when I opened up my eyes, I saw it had come true."
"And in that wish I also wished, just to be myself. Not to be an astronaut, or a movie star with wealth."
"Because, you see, all those things could still come true in time, but for today I have to say, I like Jim Kirk just fine."

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