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   My Camping Adventure Personalized Children's book.

The legend of the mountain's treasure is passed down from the old Hermit bear to your child as they embark on an ecological family adventure in the great outdoors.

Gather your friends, check your supplies and prepare to camp overnight as you begin your search for the mountain’s treasure.

Police your campsite and then depart on horseback. Learn the mountains special secret before you return home. For ages 4-10  Hard Cover  6 3/4 by 8 1/4, 36 pages.

Sample Page from My Camping Adventure starring
Susanna Dickenson

         My Camping Adventure - $15.95 Canoeing on a river in the Great Outdoors.          Personalized parts are highlighted in yellow.
     The next morning brought dew and beautiful singing birds.  Susanna smelled the fresh, clean air as they paddled away in their canoe.  Susanna reminded everyone to put on a life jacket.

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My Camping Adventure

David Crockett

at the age of 5

To Davie

Love  Mom

Dec 25, 2015

     It was "Old Teddy Bear," the hermit, who told  the story of the mountain's treasure.  Now  Susanna would pass the story along to Davey.  "It's over that ridge,"  Susanna told Davey.  "We'll have to camp overnight."

      "We better check our supplies, Davey.  We wouldn't want to forget anything," said SusannaDavey's friends, Travis, Bowie and Scout, were there to help load the van.  Everyone was very curious about the treasure.

      There was so much camping gear that Davey, Travis, Bowie and Scout had to get behind Susanna and push to make it all fit.  Finally, the van was packed. Everyone squeezed in, and off they went.  The adventure had begun!

     It was a long day of traveling, and the children were tired.  The setting sun stirred the natural sounds of the forest.  After everyone made camp, Travis, Bowie and Scout studied the map with Davey.  "Look, Davey, we'll go this way." 

     That night, Davey could hear an owl hooting in the distance. He found it very difficult to sleep.  Everyone was so excited about the treasure!  The snoring coming from Susanna didn't help matters either.

     Finally, morning came, and everyone was up early and ready to go. "We want to be sure not to leave any trash behind, so let's clean up our campsite," ordered Susanna.

     "Here is some paper," said Susanna, while ripping it up and stuffing it into the trash bag. Davey thought the paper looked a lot like the map.  No... it couldn't be. 

     "It's a rough trail, and we'll have to go by horseback," said Susanna. "Davey, stay close to Travis, Bowie and Scout."

     "Don't worry, Susanna.  You can count on me," said Davey. Susanna was glad to have Davey with them. 

     Up the mountain, the trail became narrow and winding.  Davey was amazed at the beautiful plant life surrounding them.  Finally, everyone stopped for lunch.

     "Who has the map?" asked Susanna.

     "Not me," said Davey, Bowie and Scout.

     "It's gone!" exclaimed Davey.  "How will we ever find the treasure?"

     "Hmmm... "Susanna said.  "Perhaps I can remember the way." 

     Susanna seemed confident about the way to the treasure.  This made Davey feel better about the lost map.  "Let's catch some fish for lunch!" Susanna said.  Davey, Travis, Bowie and Scout cast their lines into the clear mountain stream.  Davey immediately hooked a big fish... big enough for everyone to eat.

     While everyone helped prepare dinner, Susanna spoke to Davey, Travis, Bowie and Scout.  "When I was a young cub like you, I met Old Teddy Bear, the hermit, out here in these very woods.  I'll tell you his story tonight after dinner."  The food was served and everyone ate until they could eat no more.

      "The old hermit told me of the mountain's great treasures many years ago.  He said only the wisest of bears would discover the treasure's true value.  Tomorrow, we will travel down the mountain stream." 

     The next morning brought dew and beautiful singing birds.  Davey smelled the fresh, clean air as they paddled away in their canoe.  Davey reminded everyone to put on a life jacket.

      Travis leaned over to get a life jacket and fell head first into the cold mountain stream.  "Help!" Travis cried.  Everyone was alarmed.  Davey quickly grabbed a life jacket and threw it out to help Travis swim ashore. 

     Davey helped Travis out of the stream and onto the grassy bank.  Susanna put an arm around Davey.  "That was quick thinking, Davey," said Susanna.  "I'm very proud of you.  Next time, we'll all remember to put on our life jackets before we get in the canoe." 

     Later that day, Susanna told everyone to gather around.  "How much farther, Susanna?" asked Davey.

     "We are here," Susanna remarked, to everyone's surprise.

     "But where's the treasure?" asked Davey.

     "Don't you see?" said Susanna.  "It's all around us, and it's been here all along.  It's the natural sounds of the forest.  It's in the green trees, the fresh air and clean water.  These things are the real treasures of the mountain."

      At first, Davey, Travis, Bowie and Scout were puzzled.  Then, Davey realized what Susanna meant!  He envisioned the old hermit telling Susanna that only the wisest of the bears could find the real treasure of the mountain... and he was right!

      Davey would always remember this special camping adventure, and would tell all of his friends in Nashville, TN about his discovery of the real treasures of the mountain.

      From that day forward, Davey always remembered to respect the beauty and wonder that nature has to offer...and so should everyone.

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