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 The Barnyard Mystery
personalized children's book

This delightful story turns your child into a detective who solves a puzzling mystery. He (or she) gains confidence and a sense of importance through the search for Farmer Dooley's straw hat while uncovering clues with the help of friendly barnyard animals.

Two favorite relatives are there to offer congratulations on the child's amazing detective skills.

Hard cover,  32 pages,  6 3/4 by 8 1/4 - $15.95 with Free shipping.

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 The Barnyard Mystery - $15.95 - Free Shipping

     Child conversing with a pig; in the Barnyard Mystery children's adventure book.

  Personalized parts are highlighted in yellow.
     Continuing his search, Josh decided to talk to one of Farmer's pigs.  Again, using his own style of people - pig talk, Josh asked the large pig, "Oink ... ... oink ... straw hat ... oink ... have you ... oink ... seen it?"
     The pig stared at Josh with a curious look.  But, no clues from this corner of the barnyard either.  


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Personalized parts are in red.
The Barnyard Mystery (Complete Story)      
"The Barnyard Mystery"
was created especially for
Josh   Fitzpatrick
at the age of 5
To Josh
From Tyler

Zach, Tyler, Jimmy and Kaia had invited Josh to visit Farmer Jackson on his farm.  The farm was just a few miles from Josh's home in Grand Rapids, MI.  As they approached Farmer Jackson's farm, Josh saw something strange in the corn field.

     "What is that?" Josh asked.

     "Oh, that's a scarecrow," replied Kaia.

     "It's supposed to scare birds away from the corn.  But, as you can see, Josh, it doesn't always work."

As they drove down the lane, Josh could see Farmer Jackson's barn and house in the distance.  He could also see someone riding on a tractor and waving to them.

     "Who's that?" asked Josh.

     Zach, Tyler and Jimmy answered, "That's Farmer Jackson.  He looks eager to greet us."

Farmer Jackson climbed down from the tractor and walked toward his visitors in their stopped car.  Josh ran from the car and climbed onto the nearby fence.  As Farmer Jackson again waved hello to Zach, Tyler, Jimmy and Kaia, he looked at Josh and said, "Well, who do we have here?"

     "I am Josh Fitzpatrick, and I live in Grand Rapids, MI," Josh replied.

Farmer Jackson said to Josh, Zach, Tyler, Jimmy and Kaia, "Maybe you folks can help me solve a mystery."  Josh listened with great interest as he continued,  "You see, before I went into the chicken coop to gather eggs, I took off my favorite straw hat and put it on a barrel next to the door.

When I was finished in the coop, I came out and reached for my hat, but it was gone!"

     Zach, Tyler and Jimmy said to Farmer Jackson, "Oh, you probably wore your hat into the coop and took it off there."

     Zach, Tyler and Jimmy continued, "Josh, would you please look in the chicken coop.  I'm sure Farmer Jackson's hat is in there."

     Josh nodded, and as he walked toward the coop, Zach, Tyler and Jimmy said, "If you don't find it there, just look around the barnyard.  Kaia and I are going to visit with Farmer Jackson in the house."

When I was finished in the coop, I came out and reached for my hat, but it was gone!"

Josh thought that maybe Farmer Jackson's dog could help himJosh tried to tell the dog what he was looking for.  He grabbed some straw and held it over his head.  He hoped that the dog would understand that he was looking for the straw hat.

Suddenly, the dog began to bark and run around Josh.  Could it be that he understood what Josh wanted?

      "Good boy!" Josh shouted.  "Show me where the hat is!  I'll follow you."

      Farmer Jackson's dog darted toward the open barn door.  Josh followed quickly behind the excited dog.

As Josh entered the barn, he saw the dog looking up towards the loft and barking.  "Oh, Farmer Jackson's hat must be in the loft!" Josh thought. He climbed the ladder, certain that his search would soon end successfully

But as Josh reached the top of the ladder and looked around the loft, there was no straw hat to be seen.

     Farmer Jackson's dog had understood the "straw" part of Josh's message.

     There surely was a lot of straw up there, but there was no straw HAT!

     Perched on one of the bales of straw was a barn owl.  "Hoo ... hoo ... hoo," said the owl.

     "It's not WHO but WHAT that I'm looking for," said Josh, as if to answer the owl's question.

Josh left the barn and decided to try to get some clues from the barnyard animals.  As he approached one of the cows, Josh combined gestures with his own kind of cow-talk, "Moo ... moo ... straw hat ... moo ... lost ... moo ... have you ... moo ... seen it?"

     As the cow continued chewing her hay, Josh knew that she would not give  a clue.  In fact, the cow herself had no idea what Josh was trying to say.

Continuing his search, Josh decided to talk to one of Farmer Jackson's pigs.  Again, using his own style of people - pig talk, Josh asked the large pig, "Oink ... oink ... straw hat ... oink ... have you ... oink ... seen it?"

     The pig stared at Josh with a curious look.  But no clues from this corner of the barnyard either.

Walking to the other side of the barn, Josh saw some ducks in a pen.  He thought that maybe they could help him.  So he continued his questioning, "Quack ... quack ... straw hat ... quack ... Farmer Jackson ... quack ... lost ... quack ... have you ... quack ... seen it?"

     In response, the ducks looked at one another as if they had no idea what Josh was asking.

     Looking out into the pasture, Josh saw a small horse ... just his size. Then he heard Kaia call out: "Josh, where are you going?"

     Josh shouted back, "I'm going to ride this horse around and look for Farmer Jackson's hat."

     "Be Careful, Josh," Kaia warned.

     Riding the pony, Josh thought, "This is like being a cowboy - barnyard detective ... Detective Josh Fitzpatrick."

     Josh saw the tractor which Farmer Jackson had been driving. He thought that maybe Farmer Jackson had left his hat there. But, it was nowhere to be found.

    A noisy crow flew overhead and circled Josh. "Caw ... caw ... caw," it screeched. To Josh it sounded like the pesky crow was laughing at him.

    Just then, Farmer Jackson's dog began barking and looking up at the noisy crow.

    As the dog ran, following the flight of the crow, Josh's pony trotted in the same direction.

    As Josh, up on the pony, and Farmer Jackson's dog chased the crow, they saw it land on the head of the scarecrow. And, beneath the crow, resting upon the scarecrow's head was a hat ... a straw hat ... Farmer Jackson's hat! It was obvious to Josh that the crow was the barnyard thief.

    In the distance, Josh could hear the voices of Farmer Jackson and Kaia.

    When Farmer Jackson arrived on the scene, he said, "Josh, that's my hat! You're quite a detective, Josh Fitzpatrick!"

    Josh smiled. He patted the pony and winked at the dog ... his detective partners.

    The barnyard mystery had been solved.

                 THE END

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