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                  Teddy Bear Land
© Best. Personalized Children's Book.

Join your best friend, teddy bear, on a magical journey through Teddy Bear Land. Play games and meet pink marshmallow bunnies.

Swing from trees on red licorice ropes, splash in a pink lemonade waterfall and pick wild gum drops.

Imagine how your child will feel when she (or he) gets to explore Teddy Bear Land!

Hard cover  6" x 9", $15.95 with FREE Shipping.

Teddy Bear Land Personalized Book$15.95 - Free Shipping
 A handsome cowboy teddy bear invites you inside to play.  Come and play in Teddy Bear Land.

   © Best

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   A handsome cowboy bear invited them inside.  The courtyard was crowded with teddy bears who were all playing different games.  Some were riding bicycles and others were roller skating.  One bear was swinging so high in a tree that Isaac thought he would fly right off the swing.  Then Isaac and Teddy Bear joined in a game of leap frog.                                      

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Isaac Rutledge
in Teddy Bear Land
For my Great-Grandson, Love
Have a wonderful adventure.
   Isaac Rutledge, age 3, lived in Somerset, INIsaac liked playing with his best friend, Teddy Bear.  Mommy, Daddy and Emily knew how much Isaac loved Teddy Bear.
   One day, while walking in the park, Isaac and Teddy Bear came upon a giant hollow tree.
   Before Isaac knew what was happening, Teddy Bear had lifted him into the opening of the tree.  Isaac felt himself twisting and turning down the hollow tree.
   “What’s going on?  I’m scared!” yelled Isaac.
   “Don’t worry.  We are together,” said Teddy Bear as he reached out and held his hand.
   Isaac was surprised.  It is not dark and scary at all.  Everything was light and sparkling, just like fireworks.
   They tumbled through the cotton candy clouds and down a rainbow slide.  They passed the ice cream sundae mountains and landed in the sugar plum field.
   “It’s beautiful here.  Where are we?” asked Isaac.
   “This is Teddy Bear Land!  Come on, follow me!” replied Teddy Bear.
   They skipped down a lemon drop path through the jelly bean park, where bunnies were playing hide-and-seek.  After passing the strawberry soda fountain, they came to a beautiful gingerbread castle.
   A handsome cowboy bear invited them inside.  The courtyard was crowded with teddy bears who were all playing different games.  Some were riding bicycles and others were roller skating.  One bear was swinging so high in a tree that Isaac thought he would fly right off the swing.  Then Issac and Teddy Bear joined in a game of leap frog.
   All afternoon they played games with the teddy bears.  Isaac swung from the trees on red licorice ropes, splashed in the pink lemonade waterfall and picked wild gum drops.
   “I wish Mommy, Daddy and Emily were here, too,” Isaac thought.
   All the teddy bears enjoyed playing with Isaac.
   The teddy bears decided to have a grand celebration.  At the party, Isaac Rutledge received a crown and became a royal member of the Teddy Bear Land.  The trumpeters played for him, and the jugglers and jesters all performed.
   “Hooray for Isaac!  Please stay with us forever,” all the teddy bears pleaded.
   Isaac exclaimed, “Oh yes, I’d love to stay here with you.”
   But Teddy Bear said, “No, we should be going home.”
   Isaac replied, “You’re right.  We must return to Somerset, INMommy, Daddy and Emily will be worried.”
   So Isaac and Teddy Bear waved goodbye to their friends and began the journey home.
   As they walked outside the castle gates, two pink marshmallow bunnies appeared.
   “Climb aboard!” the bunny rabbits said.  “We will help you go home.”
   Isaac and Teddy Bear gladly accepted the ride and jumped in the cozy saddles.  The bunnies hopped their way out of Teddy Bear Land, past the ice cream, sundae mountains and the sugar plum field.
   Finally they arrived at the biggest tree in the forest.  Teddy Bear pointed and said, “This tree leads us home.”
   Isaac waved farewell to the bunny rabbits and thanked them for the wonderful ride.
   Isaac said, “Let’s go, Teddy Bear.  I can’t wait to tell Mommy, Daddy and Emily about our exciting adventure in Teddy Bear Land.
Isaac Rutledge
Enjoy this book.
A special gift from

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