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    Beauty and the Beast  Personalized Book
A personalized romantic fairy tale and classic romantic love story set in a mysterious, enchanted castle.

Travel through time to meet Beauty. Become her friend and help her find true love with the Beast in this timeless  personalized story.

Imagine how your child will feel when he (or she) gets to star in her own Beauty and the Beast Fairy Tale!

Hard cover  6 x 9"  -  $15.95 postpaid.

    Beauty and The Beast  © Best
           $15.95 - Free Shipping

 Beauty riding through the forest to save the Beast in this exciting, personalized adaption of Beauty and the Beast.
     Beauty left her home and raced toward the castle on the mighty stallion.  All of the forest animals watched, hoping she would arrive in time to save the Beast.
     Beauty entered the castle gates and found the Beast lying limp and motionless in the garden.  
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                    Mommy and Daddy                       
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                          Aerial Russell*
                          Enjoy this book.
                        A special gift from
                       Mommy and Daddy 
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Beauty and the Beast (Complete Story) 

Personalized parts are in RED.

Virginia Madsen
visits Beauty and the Beast
For my beautiful daughter
Love Dad

     One sunny day Virginia Madsen, age 7, was strolling though a park in Boise, IA.    Beautiful red roses were blooming all around her.  The roses reminded Virginia of the story Tawny, Rachael and Dawn had once read to her.  The story was about a handsome prince who was turned into an ugly beast because he was so mean and selfish,

     While gazing at one rose, Virginia instantly found herself inside a mysterious castle courtyard.  From a distance, Virginia could see Beauty pick a beautiful rose blossom.

     Suddenly, a frightening voice roared loudly, "Beauty, I will punish you for stealing that rose from my garden.  You must now stay in my castle forever!"

     A huge beast appeared and ordered Beauty locked in the highest tower.  It was an elegant room filled with gowns and treasures fit for a queen.

     "I'm so sad", wept Beauty, "I will never see my family again."

     Virginia heard Beauty crying and in a snap was in the tower room next to Beauty.

     Virginia whispered, "Do not cry beauty.  I am your friend and will help you find true happiness."

     That evening, the Beast asked Beauty to join him for dinner.  Virginia told Beauty to accept the Beast's offer, and she did. 

     At dinner Beauty was so unhappy she said "You are so ugly that I cannot eat."

     Outraged by her ungratefulness, the Beast raised his giant claws and stomped away in anger.

     Virginia remembered that Tawny, Rachael and Dawn had told her to be kind to others.  So Virginia suggested to Beauty to make friends with the Beast.

     Beauty agreed, saying "I have an idea.  I will join the Beast in the garden and read stories to him."

     In time Beauty and the Beast became very good friends.

     One day the Beast allowed Beauty to see her family through a magic mirror.  Tears came to the eyes of the homesick beauty.

     The Beast could not bear to see Beauty so unhappy and immediately sent her home on a mighty stallion.  Beauty was very glad to be home again.
      One day Virginia came to visit Beauty.  She brought the magic mirror and said, "Beauty, the Beast is dying and only you can save him."
      Beauty gasped when she saw the sick Beast and cried out, " I cannot allow the Beast to die.  I must go to save him."
      Beauty left her home and raced toward the castle on the mighty stallion.  All of the forest animals watched, hoping she would arrive in time to save the Beast.
      Beauty entered the castle gates and found the Beast lying limp and motionless in the garden.
      Beauty held the dying Beast in her arms.  She touched her lips against his and whispered, "Please do not die, my Beast.  I love you."
     Magically, the Beast faded away and a handsome prince appeared in his place.  Virginia cheered, "Hooray!  Hooray!  Beauty, you broke the magic spell."
    The happy couple said, "Virginia, thanks to you we have found true happiness.  Please stay with us forever."
     Virginia replied, "I promise to visit you again, but I must return to my home in Boise, IA."
     As Virginia waved good-bye, she thought, "I can't wait to tell Tawny, Rachael and Dawn about my adventure with Beauty and the Beast.
Virginia Madsen
Enjoy this book
A special gift from

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