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   My Special Christmas Eve Personalized Book
Decorate your Christmas tree and prepare for Santa's arrival.
You get to stay up late, fix a treat, and then wait for Santa to arrive. Santa comes and you get to meet and talk to him.

It is the most special day of your entire life.
You thank him for all the toys he delivers to children around the world. Santa gives you a rhinestone pin in the shape of Santa himself.
Hard cover, 6 3/4 by 8 1/4, 36 pages. $15.95 with FREE Shipping

Imagine how your child will feel when he (or she) sees his name in this personalized book!
    My Special Christmas Eve - $15.95     
My Special Christmas Eve personalized children's book - Santa gives you a beautiful pin in My Special Christmas Eve.
Read My Special Christmas Eve Story

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My Special Christmas Eve (Complete Story)    

My Special Christmas Eve

was created especially for

Chrissie Williams

at the age of 4

Enjoy your book

Mom and Dad

December  2015

     Chrissie Williams could hardly wait for Christmas Eve.  She wanted to stay up after everyone else went to bed to meet Santa Claus.

     "Do  you think that when Santa comes to Albuquerque he will have just a little extra time to say hello to me?" she asked Mom and Dad.

     Chrissie knew that Santa had a lot of homes all over the world to visit on Christmas Eve.  But still, if only this wish could be granted, she would be able to thank Santa for being so nice and generous year after year.

     She wanted the Christmas tree to look really special for Santa's visit this year. Chrissie cut paper bells and stars out of construction paper and glued glitter on them. She strung popcorn and cranberries on a string. Then, she carefully placed all of her beautiful creations on the tree.

     Mom and Dad helped Chrissie bake and decorate a batch of special Christmas cookies just for Santa. Then Chrissie arranged the cookies on the prettiest plate she could find.

     Chrissie set two places at the table next to the Christmas tree.  She giggled out loud at the thought of having cocoa and cookies with Santa. "I know!  I'll put the cocoa in a thermos so that it's hot when he drinks it. Or, if he can't stay, he can take it with him."

     Mom and Dad helped Chrissie boil some milk in a pan on the stove. She then put four big scoops of cocoa mix into the boiling milk and Mom poured the steaming cocoa into the thermos. "There, that's just right for two cups of cocoa" said Mom.

     Everyone said good night and went to bed except for Chrissie. She still had work to do before Santa arrived.

     She gathered her crayons and drawing paper together and sat in the big chair facing the Christmas tree. She folded a piece of drawing paper in half and proceeded to make a Christmas card for Santa. Chrissie printed "Thank You, Santa" ten times on the front of the card.

     Inside the card, she drew a picture of a little girl hugging Santa, and then she signed her name. Before she knew it, the clock struck 1 a.m. and Santa had not arrived.

     "What if Santa doesn't come to visit this year?" she thought. "Is it possible that Santa could forget that it's Christmas Eve?"

     Chrissie looked out the window.  All she could see was a blueberry sky dotted with twinkling stars.  Santa was not in sight.

     It was very dark outside, so Chrissie turned the porch light on. She walked back into the living room and sat in a chair.

     She was wondering what else she might do to make Santa's visit special when all at once she heard a great "whoosh." Turning toward the fireplace she saw Santa.

     There he was! "He really does have a white beard and wear a bright red suit," she thought.

     "HO, ho, ho. Hello, Chrissie!" Santa exclaimed. "How are you this beautiful Christmas morning?"

     "I'm fine Santa," answered Chrissie, smiling with excitement.

     "How are you?" asked Chrissie.

     "Well, I'm chilled to the tip of my beard."

     Chrissie showed Santa the cocoa and cookies. Santa drank his cocoa and ate all of the cookies.

     She then gave Santa the thank you card she made for him.

     "Ho, ho, ho. You have made my Christmas very delightful," he chuckled. "And now, I must leave, for I have millions of other children to visit before sunrise."

     Santa bent over and gave Chrissie a big hug, which wasn't too easy for Santa, as his tummy was quite round. He then handed her the most beautiful pin she had ever seen. It was a rhinestone pin in the shape of Santa himself.  "Oh Santa, thank you!"

      That morning, Chrissie woke up and rubbed her eyes. "Was I dreaming or did I really meet Santa Claus?" she wondered. "What if it was just a dream?"

     Feeling a little disappointed she walked into the living room where Mom and Dad were sitting and admiring all the beautiful gifts that Santa had left under the tree. "Chrissie, where did you get that lovely pin?" Dad wanted to know.

     "Pin? The pin!" Chrissie looked down at the flannel pajamas she was wearing and there it was!

     "This is the most special day of my life!" she shouted. "Today I met and thanked Santa Claus."


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