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Despite all we know about domesticated dogs it is very difficult to determine an exact point in history when dogs, as we know them, came into existence.  It is thought breeding between wolves and jackals may have resulted in dogs.

"Domesticated" Dogs have been around for over 10,000 years, which is longer than any other domesticated animal.

We hope you enjoy our growing selection of books for dog lovers.

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    Bereavement Book    Dog and Cat Crossing Novelty Signs

          101 Uses for a Dog                    101 Uses for a Golden evokes all the charming traits that make this little dog so fun and lovable.                     101 Uses for a Lab                    101 Uses for a Jack Russell                    Bad to the Bone
        101 Uses for a Dog              101 Uses for a Golden             101 Uses for a Lab          101 Uses for a Jack Russell           Bad to the Bone

          Bulldog Bad Boys. This book, by way of example and in the spirit of public service, illustrates the nefarious characteristics typically displayed by this peculiar breed. Obtained from canine crime records throughout the land, the reports listed in this book range from serious felonies to minor misdemeanors.                     ChiWOWhua! Undersized, Underfoot and Over the Top.                    Children's Letters to Dog - A collection of funny, sincere and incredibly create kid's letters to the dogs at a local Humane Society. The children were free to write about anything that was on their minds-and that's exactly what they did.                      Cold Noses and Warm Hearts                    Doggie Tales
          Bulldog Bad Boys                   ChiWOWhua!               Children's Letters to Dog   Cold Noses and Warm Hearts            Doggie Tales

          Doxie Moxie.  Little Dog, Big Attitude.  Full color photos of dachshunds.                   Dogs Are Stupid (After all they are man's best friend)                     Dump Him Marry the Dog                     Gaining a Leash on Life                  German Shepherd's have long been regarded as loyal and faithful companions. This book illustrates German Shepherd values in stunning photography combined with thought-provoking quotes.
            Doxie Moxie                      Dogs Are Stupid          Dump Him, Marry the Dog!         Gaining a Leash on Life    German Shepherd Values


          Golden Fever. A rollicking romp with everyone's Buddy the Golden Retriever.                  Good Dogs. Stories of Benevolence.                     Haute Dog                      Jack Russell Terrier owners will enjoy page after page of frolicking fun and full-color photos while gaining new insight into this plucky and lovable JRT breed.                   It's a Lab's World           
            Golden Fever                       Good Dogs                              Haute Dog                            Jack Rascals                     It's A Lab's World


          It Takes a Dog to Raise a Village.                      Lab Fever                 It's a Lab's World.                     The Little Book of Lap Dogs                    Lawless Labs.  Good Labs Gone Bad.     
         It Takes a DOG to                         Lab Fever                     It's A Lab's World         The Little Book of Lap Dogs             Lawless Labs 
          Raise a Village  


          Man Speaks Dog                     Pug Mugs. Good pugs gone bad.                    Pug Principles - follow the principles listed in the charming book and enjoy life to the fullest.                 Puppy Love.                    The Dog's Bark. Simple truths from a wise pet.                  
         Man Speaks Dog                         Pug Mugs                          Pug Principles                      Puppy Love                       The Dog's Bark          



The Dog Sitter's Handbook. A personalized guide for your pet's caregiver.                               The Yorkie Diaries. Yorkie's are cute, sweet, uncomplicated… or are they?                     What Dogs Teach Us. Life's lessons learned from our best friends.                What Labs Teach Us                   What Puppies Teach Us                   
The Dog Sitter's Handbook          The Yorkee Diaries          What Dogs Teach Us     What Labs Teach Us      What Puppies Teach Us   



         Why Puppies Do That                                Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats A-Z                                                     
Why Puppies Do That              Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats                                                     


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Small Paws Rescue Organization                                          Our Cat Books

SAGE Foundation for Dogs -  Our mission is to promote the welfare of dogs who have faithfully served (often in harm’s way) in wars, police work, crime prevention, and rescue efforts through education and increased public awareness.               

Annandale civic association elects dog as president             

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